Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Six Pack Shortcuts - Phase 2

In Phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts course, we focus on total body fat loss. Of course, much of the fat lost will be in your abdominal area, and this will later help with your goal of getting ab definition. In this Phase, you will begin doing more high intensity cardiovascular exercise designed to accelerate fat loss and build functional strength.

You will also be reducing your rest times when doing weight training, in order to achieve an aerobic exercise effect and burn more calories and fat. Finally, we will be focusing on eating three healthy pre-prepared meals per day in this Phase.

six pack shortcuts
The focus is on maintaining your strength and muscle mass in this phase, while losing fat. These habits together will help you to achieve the caloric deficit which is necessary to achieve this goal.

In phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts you must begin seeing a massive decrease in your belly fat and lose inches off your waist. I found it fascinating that Mike Chang specifically said that in Phase 1 your goal is to create as abundant muscle as you'll be able to (to spice up metabolism) and solely within the 2nd section are you focusing additional on abdominal fat reduction.

Naturally, you may be losing fat in Phase 1 ass well, but it just goes to show you that Six Pack Shortcuts is not a gimmick or a quick fix. You’re starting to go after belly fat only in the 5th week, thus you’re required to try to to some work here. This part is also 4 weeks long.

The workouts in Phase 2 are more intense then in the first part. Your rest time between sets decreases and you begin doing supersets. You additionally modification the design of your workout. Instead of operating on your entire body, you are doing a three day split. You focus in individual muscle groups in every workout attempting to tone and outline the muscles and not simply add more mass. This will give you a more sculpted look.

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